Royal Noble Group Review

Royal Noble Group is a value-driven CFD and crypto trading online firm that prides itself on transparency, honesty, efficiency and, most importantly, places the clients, regardless of their experience level, at the top of the priority list by offering the best possible quality of service.

Royal Noble Group Review


In a nutshell 

  • 600+ cryptocurrencies/ICOs
  • High performance trading tools
  • Leverage Available

Pros and Cons



  • 24/24h support available on phone or email
  • Educational content and 1-on-1 training
  • Advanced charting tools


  • Higher account types unlocks the best services
  • KYC approval needed
  • Robots are available of higher account types

Royal Noble Group is a value-driven CFD and crypto trading online firm that prides itself on transparency, honesty, efficiency and, most importantly, places the clients, regardless of their experience level, at the top of the priority list by offering the best possible quality of service. This broker believes in the progress of traders through hard work and ceaselessly invests in technologies and equipment so that they can distribute custom-built value and extremely high quality of service. Plus, their support team is made up of professionals who are always available and ready to help you via either phone or e-mail. Here are more details concerning Royal Noble Group and a look at whether or not you should pick them as your new favorite broker.

Getting started

Step 1

Click the Sign Up button and enter your details

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Country

You’ll need to choose a password and confirm the following:

  • You are not a US citizen 
  • You agree to the Privacy Policy and use of your data
  • You are at least 18 years old, and accept the company’s Terms & Conditions, KYC and AML policies

Step 2

Once you’re in the client area, visit Account Info to complete your profile, and then go to the Documents tab to start the verification process. You will be required to submit the following:

  • Proof of identity: colour copy of government-issued photo ID, clearly showing your ID or passport number, full name, date of birth, its expiry date, and the issuing body (e.g. government)
  • Proof of payment: both sides of the credit card used to fund your account, clearly showing your full name, its expiration date, your signature, and the last four digits of your card number only
  • Proof of address: bill or bank statement, clearly showing your full name, an issue date, the provider’s logo, your full address and an issue date no older than 6 months

Step 3

After your account is approved, click the Deposit tab, select the MT4 ID of the account, choose your preferred deposit currency and press submit.

Step 4

Choose a deposit method (credit/debit card or phone deposit), and once it’s gone through, you can visit the Account Statement tab to see your updated balance. Now you’re ready to launch the Trader and start trading!



The Royal Noble Group account types

Firstly, traders should be aware of the fact that Royal Noble Group has six different categories of accounts that they can choose from after building an account: the Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, and Algo Fund. Overall, the minimum deposit needed for the Silver account is EUR 250 and the balance increases as the accounts get more advanced. For instance, in the case of a VIP account, you will need to invest at least EUR 150,000 in order to benefit from its full offering. All specifics are clearly displayed on the official website, so we encourage you to visit it for more info.

What trading platforms can customers access?

The Royal Noble Group basic web trader is the perfect opportunity for anybody who wants to review their trading and investment accounts from anywhere in the world without downloading or installing clients after clients and wasting time. Customers should only have and a good internet connection and they should be able to start trading. Some of the features of this online trader include 24/7 access, no need to make updates or install anything, and a multitude of languages.

The Sirix Online Trader by Royal Noble Group was designed on the basis of the newest technologies that make it super simple to set up and use. This web trader avoids the complexities of having to download and configure a trader so that you can trade wherever you are, anytime you want. It puts together all the tools needed for successful and secure trading in a user-friendly and intuitive environment. Both Mac and Windows browsers support it just fine, and no installation is needed. Among the features of the Sirix online trader is the possibility to open and manage pending orders, manage risks, and set limits, do instant trade executions, and see prices, execute orders and fill rates immediately.

Last but not least, their mobile trading app. Royal Noble Group gives you the opportunity to do whatever you wish, like during a holiday, and at the same time to keep you attached to your best trading practices. The mobile trading app is available on all app stores and it allows anyone to access their account from all types of smartphones and tablets. This trading app is compatible with Android and iOS systems. Its interface is user-friendly, intuitive, quick, and offers all that a regular web trader can do except it is inside your pocket.

About the Royal Noble Group features

Customers of this broker have unlimited market access resulting from the ability to provide professional services – anywhere and wherever they need to. Royal Noble Group is entirely committed to ensuring an excellent trade environment. According to their customers, their trading platforms are some of the best in the industry today. They offer instant executions that are free from lags, errors, or glitches. It is worth remembering that they are also pioneers in the technology of Sirix. The advanced market climate, outstanding spreads, and skilled support personnel are all available to traders, globally. Plus, their products are tailored to accommodate both beginners and seasoned investors.

Their trading technology has been built on the basis of quality, consistency, superior performance, and velocity. Royal Noble Group is continually upgrading these features to highlight the demands of an always-changing trading technology environment. They claim to have tailored their platforms according to a top-notch infrastructure along with high-performance trading tools designed for all clients.


Royal Noble Group is surely one of the safest CFDs and crypto brokers on the market right now. The funds of the customer are held in separate bank accounts in professional and seasoned banks all over Europe. Their finances are separate from the assets of the brokerage firm and this happens in order to ensure that the money of the clients is not used for any other purposes.

This broker claims that their clients’ success is also their success and that they are constantly investing in technologies, staff, and platforms so that they can distribute customized performance and high efficiency to all traders. These are words that would inspire any individual, with or without trading experience, to at least consider Royal Noble Group as a possible ally in their trading adventure.


What can I trade?

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies (600+)



  • Variable spreads
  • Swaps (crypto) start at 0.65%
  • Commissions (crypto) start at 1.5%

3 Responses

  1. Efficient service, highly organized, smart online layout. Nobel Group is one of the oldest most preferred brokers with a wonderful array of tools to help investors. Always up to the minute information in clear easy to understand menus.

  2. They may not have the most competitive spreads on Crypto, but they definitely have a nice variety. And they’re honest, they don’t cheat you with any hidden commissions which I liked most

  3. I came upon this site after I got scammed by another broker and they completely restored my trust in trading. There were no surprise deductions from your profits, no monthly commissions that nobody tells you about and the support team actually exists, it’s not phony (I called them about 20 times at different hours, someone’s always answering the phone)!

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