PhenoFXC Review

PhenoFXC all efforts, features, resources, and products have been specifically designed to assist traders in realizing their dreams.

PhenoFXC Review


In a nutshell 

  • over 1000 cryptocurrencies/ICOs
  • 5 account types
  • Lowest Fees of each approved position

Pros and Cons





PhenoFXC is an online CFDs and cryptocurrency broker that prioritizes its consumers over all else. According to their website, all of their efforts, features, resources, and products have been specifically designed and chosen to assist traders in realizing their dreams. This broker, which is available globally, provides three types of trading platforms. It also has six account variants and a big number of basic principles that they follow. This review will go over a number of them. Also, it will help you determine if PhenoFXC is a broker you can trust with your money and trading activity.

More details on the PhenoFXC trading platforms

We’ll start with the Sirix online trader, a more sophisticated PhenoFXC platform built on new web technologies that allow for fast setups. This platform eliminates the difficulties of installing programs, allowing you to access the market from wherever you are, at any time. It brings together all of the assets needed for effective and secure trading in a simple and favorable setting. It is compatible with all Mac and Windows computers. The portal also offers numerous advantages. Some of those are the ability to deliver quick executions and open and/or terminate outstanding orders. You can also handle risks, create quotas, see costs, fill rates, and execute orders, among other things.

The PhenoFXC smartphone trading app is free to download from any app store. It doesn’t matter if you have an Android or iOS-based mobile device. This tool enables anyone to track their account status from their phone or tablet. Its UI is simple to use, does not freeze, and is quick. It does everything that a typical online broker does, only you can carry it with you even on vacation.

Last but not least, there’s the PhenoFXC basic online trader. This basic trading platform is ideal for anyone who wishes to verify their account from anywhere in the world without having to download or update applications or programs. Customers will trade with no problems if they have safe internet access and the most recent browser version. This trader’s advantages include bilingual customer assistance, 24/7 accessibility, and no need to download and/or install things.

More details on the PhenoFXCaccount types

All potential customers should be aware that PhenoFXC offers six different sorts of accounts. They may choose one of those once they have created a profile on the website. Regardless of your level of experience, you may open a Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP, or Algo Fund account.

It’s worth noting that the minimum deposit amount on every account is EUR 250, and it gradually grows. You are in the Basic Account as long as your donation does not exceed EUR 2,500. If this value is met, you will be placed in the Silver account, and so on. For example, in order to take benefit of everything the VIP account has to offer, you must first deposit at least EUR 150,000.

On the PhenoFXC trading philosophy

PhenoFXC  is a worldwide trading firm that offers investing options when it comes to crypto and CFDs. It has a broad footprint and is intended to deliver significant and useful technology and resources to individuals all over the world who are interested.

When it comes to providing front-line trading information to its clients, the broker is thrilled to take advantage of trend-setting innovations. This comprehensive, safe, and simple-to-use web trading platform package is truly unique. Plus, it has gone to great lengths to enable users to make the most of their opportunities. Also, to help them utilize certain high-level financial tools to make wise and trustworthy investment decisions.


So, should a beginner or seasoned trader go with PhenoFXCas their trusted CFDs and cryptocurrency broker? The answer is truly dependent on each person’s goals and abilities. This is why we recommend that you visit the broker’s official website and determine for yourself whether or not it is a good fit for you.

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