OdinTC Review – OdinTC.com

OdinTC the newest and most revolutionary platform that has exceeded all expectations in terms of technique, security and speed

OdinTC Review – OdinTC.com


In a nutshell 

  • 1200+ cryptocurrencies/ICOs
  • Advanced charts

Pros and Cons



  • 24/24h support available on phone or email
  • Technical Analyses Insights


  • KYC approval needed
  • Higher account types unlocks the best services

Trading online can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the financial markets. That’s why it is important for traders to do their research and find a broker who will provide them with an optimal trading experience. Enter OdinTC – the new possibility on the block that aims to make its mark in this competitive space promising unparalleled performance and transparency across all trades. Is this ambitious newcomer really worth your time? In our review of OdinTC we uncover what they bring to the table so you know whether they are right fit for your trading needs!



Available account types

OdinTc presents its consumers with some of the most diverse account kinds on the market, making it one of the most distinctive experiences accessible. The following are some of the account types that the company provides:

  • Basic: it’s designed for amounts up to $2,499, has 5% commissions, 1.5% 24H swap, variable spreads, crypto leverage of 1:1–2:2, forex leverage of 1:50, market and technical analysis, an economic calendar, and a platform manager;
  • Silver: it’s designed for amounts between $2,500 and $9,999, has 4% commissions, 1% 24H swap, a minimum spread of 2,1, crypto leverage of 1:3–5:5, forex leverage of 1:100;
  • Gold: intended for amounts between $10,000 and $74,999, it has 3% commissions, 1% 24H swap, a minimum spread of 1,8, cryptocurrency leverage of 1:5-1:10, forex leverage of 1:50, market and technical analysis, an economic calendar, and a platform manager, along with 1 on 1 support and a platform manager;
  • Platinum: designed for amounts between $75,000 and $149,999, it features 2.5% commissions, 0.85% 24H swap, a minimum spread of 0,6, market and technical analysis, an economic calendar, a platform manager, one-on-one support, a dealing room, access to a senior platform manager, and analysis insights;
  • VIP: it’s designed for amounts over $150,000 and offers 1.5% commissions, 0.65% 24H swap, a minimum spread of 0,4, crypto leverage of 1:10-1:20, and forex leverage of 1:100, as well as market and technical analysis, an economic calendar, a platform manager, one-on-one support, access to a senior platform manager, and analytical insights. It also has a dealing room.


OdinTC – is the ability of choosing your direction

Trading financial markets can easily become overwhelming, especially for those just starting out. Fortunately, OdinTC has a platform that simplifies the process and makes it more accessible to all traders! With access to an array of well-known trading markets like forex pairs and stocks plus other asset classes such as cryptos – there’s something available no matter what type of trader you are! Plus using their intuitive tools means lower risk levels when making trades with potential higher rewards – perfect for experienced or novice alike. So don’t wait any longer – start taking advantage of what odinTC has to offer today!

OdinTC is convenient for everyone’s use

With OdinTC, trading and investing become a breeze! Its simple layout and user-friendly interface combined with lightning fast execution speeds guarantee an effortless process for anyone – from newbies to pros. On top of that, traders get access to real time market prices as well as news & analytics tools designed to help make the most informed investment decisions. So put on your trader hat because it’s going be smooth sailing all day long with OdinTC!


Provides confidence and knowledge for every user’s level!

OdinTC is the ideal trading platform for any skill level. Boasting advanced capabilities, lightning-fast execution speeds and comprehensive educational resources, OdinTC delivers an all-inclusive experience designed to sharpen your skills and optimize your opportunities in the market. Its user interface is intuitive and straightforward – making it simple to navigate its various features with minimal fuss so you can take on the markets without delay!

What OdinTC can offer for its traders?

OdinTC provides an unbeatable trading environment, with a variety of features designed to facilitate success. With live market updates and robust charting tools, users can stay abreast of current trends and gather crucial information in real time. Plus, OdinTC has the best customer support around – so if you ever get stuck or have questions about your trades? They’ll be there for you! Not only does this make it ideal for traders wishing to stay ahead-of-the-curve – but also ensures everyone on their platform is getting the most from their experience!

The best benefits with OdinTC what are they? 

OdinTC is the perfect choice for traders seeking a stress-free trading environment. From its intuitive user interface to reliable customer service and powerful market analysis tools, users can benefit from an all-inclusive platform that prioritizes security and convenience. With OdinTC, you don’t have to compromise on reliability or performance – ensuring peace of mind with every trade!

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a trading platform, but few can match the comprehensive suite of features offered by OdinTC. Whether you’re an experienced trader or just taking those first tentative steps into financial markets – this intuitive and easy-to-navigate toolkit makes your journey seamless while delivering great customer support along the way. Don’t get left behind in today’s fast moving world; take advantage of every opportunity with OdinTC!

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What can I trade?

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies (1000+)



  • Variable spreads
  • Swaps (crypto) start at 0.65%
  • Commissions (crypto) start at 1.5%

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