Kado Capital Review

Kado Capital is up there on our list because of the large range of crypto pairs, tokens, and even ICOs made available to traders. There are few platforms on the market that offer as wide a selection, and after joining and trying out the platform, we’re even more impressed.

Kado Capital Review

kado capital review

In a nutshell 

  • 800+ cryptocurrencies/ICOs
  • More CFD instruments available
  • Access to market analysis and content

Pros and Cons



  • You can deposit using USD, GBP, EUR, BTC, USDT or ETH
  • Get free market research, analysis, and more advanced trading tools
  • Competitive selection of cryptocurrencies, and offers more CFD markets


  • You need to put up more capital to unlock the best features
  • Crypto commissions and swaps are on the higher end
  • Education section is locked at Basic account level

Kado Capital Review. Who are we trading with?

Kado Capital Review – When it comes to investing, putting money down for something or anything that involves payments, we tend to be a little anxious about getting in. Why is that? Well, nobody wants to lose money. Nobody wants to lose. Period!

What about winning. That’s a whole other story. When faced with risks of losing, we tend to take a step back. However, when it comes to win big, fast, we tend to go all in without asking ourselves anything. Easy earnings are actually not as easy as they seem. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. This kind of deals that many people fall for are not actually as presented. They represent an opportunity, at most. But we let our guard down and put the money on the table. Because it seems easy. That’s when you just say to yourself that it must be. This is how a lot of the grim stories about trading take place. When given this kind of opportunity it’s better to understand what you are dealing with before saying yes. At least before any money into it.

In our opinion Kado Capital stands well when it comes to building trust. In this kind of markets, the only thing that can get you a good broker is his reputation. Watch his online presence, see his fees, his clients catalog. This is what we like about Kado Capital. We made some research about them and we found a lot of good things. We do what we do so you can sleep well knowing your money are not stolen by some scammers’ scheme. kado capital review

What to look for when choosing a broker or accepting a deal?

The overall online presence may not be the best filter. It’s easy to make a well-looking website these days. What caught our eye it’s their app. Investing time, money and effort to develop an app for your platform sure makes you look trustworthy. Their Trader App is compatible with all operating systems available for your devices. A lot more people would have more money today if there were app’s like this available some time ago. This is a big plus for Kado Capital.

Another advantage when using Kado Capital Review platform and services is the transparency. We like how they inform you about every aspect of your future collaboration. They are completely open about their fees, which are fairly small, compared to the rest of the market. You have to a set of terms and conditions, privacy policy, KYC/AML policies which are displayed on website. They promise quality services and they are not empty words.

We also appreciated how every trading account has to be verified, you can’t trade instantly. That is very reassuring about how they do business.

Although it all sound so good, we saw some tiny room for improvement. Although it’s absolutely normal to offer more services and lower fees to the top tier accounts who invest more, the educational resources should be available from the Basic account type. I’m not saying all the information and strategy used by the top level traders. Just unlock some basic information for the rookies. Help them out a little. Did you enjoy this Kado Capital Review?

What can I trade?

  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies (800+)



  • Variable spreads
  • Swaps (crypto) start at 0.65%
  • Commissions (crypto) start at 1.5%

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