Finviz Forex Review

In this Finviz forex, we will be talking about everything this online service has to offer to clients in order to help them about trading.

Finviz Forex Review


In a nutshell 

  • Browser-based stock market
  • Free to use

Pros and Cons




  • Browser-based stock market
  • Free to use


Time is, as we know it, one of the most essential assets that we possess and that we need to take advantage of the best way we can. When it comes to trading and investing, having the time to manually look for stocks that fit your needs is perfect. But what happens when you don’t actually have that time? Well, in that case, online trading brokers like Finviz Forex should help you out.

Finviz is also a stock screener that automatically scans data and finds stocks that are suitable for you. Its name stands for Financial Visualization and provides to its clients, among other things, advanced stock screeners, market maps, and analysis tools. In this Finviz Forex review, we will be talking about everything this online service has to offer to clients in order to help you get an idea about whether or not you should choose them.

More about Finviz Forex

The FinViz official website does a great job of distilling a vast amount of information into simple charts and maps. Each of these instruments is presented in a very vivid, user-friendly style. This is one of the most popular stock screens for traders today. It is a stock screener and trading tool that is used to generate financial reports.

Because Finviz enables traders and investors to rapidly filter and locate companies based on predefined conditions, professional traders commonly utilize this tool to save time. The firm also offers tools that allow customers to obtain a sense of what is going on in the industry. FinViz is one of those services that are great for beginner and experienced traders alike.finviz forex

On the FinViz offer

When you go to the Finviz site, you will see an outline of the stock market. Finviz breaks down the data into candlestick charts for the DOW, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. These graphs provide visitors with a brief snapshot of how the worldwide market is doing. There are numerous tables under these charts that list news, top losers and gainers, new high and low, and oversold, among other things.

Tables with info on top insider trading, futures, and forex bonds are also available. All stock quotes on the main page are postponed 15 minutes for NASDAQ and 20 minutes for AMEX and NYSE if you are a visitor.

Finviz offers the best quality and distinguishes itself from the competition with its screener tool. Traders and investors may search for stocks based on specified criteria, and the business will return all stocks that meet those requirements.

About the FinViz Forex customer support service

Users can contact Finviz via their Contact page, which is located at the bottom of the website. Just provide your name, e-mail address, and message, and the customer service staff will contact you. There is also a ‘Help’ page that answers frequently asked questions.

Signing up with Finviz is simple. By submitting your e-mail address and password, you may register for Finviz. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration. You may then click the link to confirm your newly-created account!

FinViz Forex review conclusion

Finviz Forex provides consumers with market information in a fully interactive and user-friendly way. It’s a strong tool that’s also simple to use. Considering it is 100% free, this stock screener provides exceptional value. The basic free and free registered plans are excellent choices for beginning traders who are not ready to make a major investment. The elite package includes everything you might want in a stock screener. If you are a novice trader, this is a fantastic chance to develop your skills and learn more about stock screeners.

This platform is a fantastic choice for both novice and experienced traders. It enables consumers to cover more info, resulting in improved decision-making. Last but not least, it provides really helpful functions even to unregistered users.



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