Axiom-Trade Review – SCAM

In this review, we will reveal all the shady details that should make you avoid this online broker at all costs. Our efforts have revealed a lot of bizarre things about it and we are convinced that no trader and investor should collaborate with them. Here is why!

Axiom-Trade Review – SCAM


In a nutshell 

  • 300$ minimum deposit
  • Mobile and Web Trader

Pros and Cons




  • Trade Stocks
  • You can trade Forex


  • Bad Quality of Support
  • Problematic withdraw system

Axiom-Trade has an official website that could easily pass as legit and professional. It is well-done, polished, works well, and offers some basic info on the company as well as on its trading services. However, this doesn’t make it professional because, as it seems, this is an offshore broker owned by a sketchy mother company. In fact, this company has numerous warnings issued on its name by some financial authorities.

In this review, we will reveal all the shady details that should make you avoid this online broker at all costs. Our efforts have revealed a lot of bizarre things about it and we are convinced that no trader and investor should collaborate with them. Here is why!axiom-trade review review

Firstly, we must say that Widdershins Group Ltd is the company that actually owns and operates Axiom-Trade. In fact, they operate a few other similar firms too. The biggest problem with them is the fact that they are registered in Dominica. As you already probably know, this is a safe haven for offshore businesses and trading brokers are not regulated there. Moreover, this makes Axiom-Trade an illegal broker within the European Union. This is why the financial regulators from Italy and Spain have issued warnings against it.

Besides this, its registered address, which is 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica, coincides with that of numerous other offshore brokers. This definitely looks like a scam in which one single mother company owns and operates multiple small brokers. The final goal of these scammers is to steal money from people and get away with doing that.

Making a profit on

To put it simply, there is no way that anyone can make a profit on because that’s not how they operate. Their withdrawal and deposit policy is also a typical scam-like one. They link all the possible bonuses that one could get to some trading volume requirements. This means that it’s impossible to obtain those bonuses no matter how hard you try.

Another common practice that scam brokers apply is to deny withdrawal requests however they like. They have hidden clauses that they don’t usually mention anywhere that prevent users from getting their money. So, you may have your account suddenly blocked with no means of performing a withdrawal.

About the platform and conditions

When it comes to the trading platform that uses, we must tell you that it’s a popular one among offshore brokers. It is a web-based interface that allows scammers to make changes however they like, without the client knowing. It is also extremely basic and doesn’t have any useful advanced features. This is all done to appear easy to use to beginner traders. Once these people fall into the trap, they will never see their money again. Plus, it’s possible that this scam broker also steals people’s personal and banking details.

When it comes to leverage, this broker has a 1:100 in leverage, which is not bad but not amazing either. It’s enough for them to benefit from their clients. The minimum required deposit for this broker is $250, which is, again, within the normal parameters. However, do not be fooled by these numbers! is a shady broker that shouldn’t be trusted with your money and personal data.

As for their payment methods, the official website states that they allow payments via credit and debit cards, wire transfers, and Piastrix. The latter is a fairly unknown service that doesn’t look too legit. We strongly advise you to avoid it and go for professional and experienced online trading brokers instead.

Not regulated and dangerous

We have already mentioned the fact that is an offshore broker, which means that it’s also an unregulated one. Our advice is to never give money to such services because they can do whatever they like with your funds and personal data. They are not restricted by law in any way and can therefore send your data and steal your money. You can end up in big trouble, like lose your identity, money, and become a victim of aggressively targeted marketing operations.

In fact, according to multiple testimonies from former clients, you don’t have access to your money until you pay cryptocurrency volatility risk insurance. This means that you have to give them more money to withdraw your own. Usually, after you do that they simply block your account and you never hear from them again. review summary

All in all, we hope that this review has shed some light on how these offshore brokers operate. You should always keep away from those services and take good care of your money. After a while, you will learn to spot them from a mile away but for beginner traders, these scams are very dangerous. We DO NOT RECOMMEND this online trading broker and strongly advise you to choose other reputable services instead.

What can I trade?

  • Bitcoin
    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash SV



  • Variable Commissions 

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