Axelery Trading Review –

Swyftx is an Australian-based online trading broker that focuses on cryptocurrencies and it’s only available for Australian residents. Signing up for Swyftx is very easy and the whole process is similar to all other brokers. However, even if at a first glance this broker might seem professional and trustworthy, there are some things that made us NOT RECOMMEND it, especially if you want to trade using the most popular cryptocurrencies today.

Axelery Trading Review –


In a nutshell 

  • Withdraw Problems
  • $300 minimum deposit

Pros and Cons




  • Trade Stocks
  • You can trade Forex


  • Bad Quality of Support
  • Problematic withdraw system

To be clear, this is a Axelery Trading Review.

Axelery Trading is the kind of online trading broker that promises a lot and delivers nothing. It promotes itself with some account types containing unattainable and fictitious gains. Moreover, by the looks of it, their official website is simply a clone of another, older one. This gets revealed if you are curious enough to click on their About Us tag. So, the team behind this SCAM broker simply renamed an older website hoping to make some money from unknowing clients.

In this Axelery Trading review, we will detail the red flags that made us question this broker’s authenticity. As you will see, there are a lot of them and they are all dangerous, especially for beginner traders. Once we’re done, you will know for sure what made us NOT RECOMMEND Axelery Trading to anyone.Axelery Trading Review

Axelery Trading review

To continue with the clone website red flag, Axelery Trading simply contradicts itself in the About Us section. They mentioned some services while the rest of the website mentions different services. Plus, the logo in the same tab reads Autoloaded Options, meaning that, clearly, this is a clone website.

These types of scams only want to steal money from people who are making deposits. This is one of the reasons why doing your research before signing up for a broker is mandatory. It is the only way in which you can find out more about their authenticity. Our research also revealed that Autoloaded Options used to be a binary online trading platform. However, they seem to have switched from that to crypto trading to go with the trend.

A dangerous verification procedure

Axelery Trading also has a bizarre and potentially dangerous verification procedure for when you’re creating an account. It could seem legit for some but, in reality, it’s a way to steal information from clients. After filling in your details for the account, the broker will ask you to send important personal documents for “verification” measures. Things like credit card details and bank statements should never be sent to anyone.

According to security experts, this is a well-known strategy to steal people’s information and use it later. You can imagine what a scam broker can do with your banking and card details. Besides, this is unnecessary because these online services can easily verify you through your phone number or e-mail address with a code. So, obviously, they want more from their clients.

Anonymous and not regulated

To put it simply, Axelery Trading is anonymous and not regulated by any authority. They do not have any legal right to provide crypto trading services. Their mother company is in the same situation. So, this should be enough for you to run in the opposite direction. Never give money to such scam services that are illegal and completely dangerous for your funds and personal details.

The people running this platform also remain anonymous. This is definitely sketchy and a way for them to be able to escape with your money in case things go south. There is also no contact information on the website, nothing to help a client find them in case they are in trouble.

No customer support and negative feedback

When it comes to customer support, there isn’t any on Axelery Trading. They only have a live chat option that asks for your name and address and nobody ever answers you. They will use these details to target you for marketing purposes in the future, not to help you with your issues.

Axelery Trading is also surrounded by a plethora of negative comments all over the internet. Specialized forums are full of warning against this broker. Former clients are telling left and right that nobody should ever trust this platform. Moreover, our research revealed that the IP address of their website has the same server as many other scam-type platforms. This is definitely a good enough reason to stay away from them!

Axelery Trading – a scam

In conclusion, Axelery Trading is clearly a scam operation meant to steal money from their clients. The aforementioned red flags are not all of them but should be enough for anyone to look the other way. In case you have been a victim of this broker, feel free to tell others about your experience. More people should know about them. We hope that this Axelery Trading review has revealed enough reasons to avoid them at all costs.

What can I trade?

  • Bitcoin
    Bitcoin Cash
    Bitcoin Cash SV
    Ethereum Classic



  • Variable Commissions 

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