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Don’t go in blind — Top-Crypto-Reviews helps you to make an informed decision in choosing the best crypto broker.

What we do

With so many exchanges and crypto brokers cropping up every day, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of choice. At Top-Crypto-Reviews, our mission is to weigh both good and bad and give you the information you need in a digestible format that makes sense.

We are thorough

No detail is lost on us — get a 360° view of the information that matters.

We are unbiased

Our reviews are based on collecting and presenting only the facts.

We are experienced

It may be difficult to know what you’re looking for if you’re new to it.

We are fair

No exchange or broker is only good or only bad; we give you both.

Our customers don't lie

Before you invest your money in any broker, explore our reviews where we delve into the details that matter; the details you’d otherwise miss if you don’t know to look for them! Our rankings are based on the brokers’ USP(s), costs, transparency, instrument(s), and more.

You are especially susceptible if new to the cryptocurrency space. Yes, you’re spoiled for choice, but it’s important to take the time to assess what you want out of your broker — think about reputation, costs, speed — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, Instead of telling you everything about a broker, we focus on these exact details.


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What kind of companies do you review?

If they offer cryptocurrency in any capacity, they’re fair game for our list! Contact us here if you have any companies you’d like us to review.

Do you ever update your reviews?

Yes, if something changes. We do try to keep an eye on emerging brokers and exchanges.

What should I look for in an exchange?

There’s no one-size-fits-all — the Pros and Cons of our reviews highlight the areas that we think are significant, and are often reflective of why we’ve given them the ranking we have.

Can you tell me which broker to use?

Unfortunately not, the decision is yours to make based on what matters to you. We provide only the details that we think you should know, and the rest is up to you. We do rank the companies, though, by order of highest to lowest based on their advantages.

Is cryptocurrency safe?

Cryptocurrencies exist as an alternative to the heavily-regulated and manipulated systems we already have. They can be, yes, but this is true of anything and there are providers that are reliable and trustworthy. We present the facts on the companies in our list, as well as outlining their products, fees, and shortcomings, so you can make the most informed decision before choosing a broker or exchange.

We worked with variety of companies

 At Top-Crypto-Reviews, our mission is to weigh both good and bad and give you the information you need in a digestible format that makes sense.

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